Art: 21

The artist that spoke to me was Sally Mann, the photographer. My senior year of high school I took Photography. I was exposed (no pun intended) to the darkroom process, speed and aperture. While I may not have mastered those techniques, I know I possess the eye. I quickly spoke to my parents about how I wanted to go to art school and become a photographer when I grew up. To them it was not an option and because of my lack of confidence as an artist, I let that dream die.

While I may not have pursued this as a career, I definitely am still obsessed with photography and love to take photos of the world around me, much like Sally Mann. I loved that she took photos of her family in the extravagant landscapes that were her backyard and can appreciate the bareness of the human forms. Her photography was wild and free, a slogan I like to live by. I see the beauty all around me, as Sally describes, in the way a tree twists or how the flowers are laid upon the grass. I see the beauty in the light blue sky and the darkness of the moon.




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